DEI Black Titanium Exhaust Wrap

DEI Black Titanium Exhaust Wrap

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Design Engineering's new Titanium exhaust wrap with LR Technology is stronger and tougher than fiberglass for improved thermal performance and durability with a high tech carbon fiber look.

Made from pulverized lava rock, Titanium wrap can withstand 1800°F of direct heat retaining more heat in header thus reducing underhood radiant heat resulting in cooler air intake temperatures for increased horsepower.

Improved resistance to chemical & hot oil spills, abrasions, temperature and vibration break down vs. fiberglass, and Titanium wrap will not shrink and is extremely pliable for an easy wrap without having to wet wrap.

*Features & Benefits*
* Improved thermal performance for more cool intake air temps
* Withstands 1800°F direct / 2500°F intermittent heat
* LR Technology prolongs wrap lifespan
* High tech custom carbon fiber look
* Improved durability against abrasions, temperatures and vibration breakdown
* Extremely pliable for an easy install