Dewla Dezign: Mk4 Supra Premium Shift Knob

Dewla Dezign: Mk4 Supra Premium Shift Knob

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The Dewla Dezign-Mk4 Supra Premium knob is a direct and precise replacement piece. We never have and never will use inserts. All Dewla Dezign shift knobs are made to fit the exact application it is presented for.


• Comprised of 303 Stainless Steel

• Tapped to M12 X 1.25 TPI Utilizing Thread Forming Taps

• Bored Lower Skirt to Accept Reverse Lock-out (Which enables the knob to sit lower unlike most aftermaket shift knobs.)

• Features a Black Satin Cerakote Finish and "Supra" Logo in 303 Stainless on Both Sides of Skirt 180° out

• Weight: 13oz


The use of thread forming taps opposed to standard high speed taps offers two main benefits for this application. Thread forming taps; unlike standard taps, actually displaces the material as it is cold worked rather than cutting it out. Thread forming ensures a super snug thread fit and longer lasting threads with repeated installation and removal. We have always chosen this method for tapping our proprietary parts and it has stood the test of time. We have been manufacturing vehicle specific shift knobs for nearly a decade and have never had one come back or even reported for stripped threads.


NOTE: To align Supra logo in desired position, apply a small amount of blue loctite on the threads of your shifter and thread on the shift knob to an orientation of your liking. Then allow it to sit overnight.