The Selin Design Dual MAF Translator makes it easier than ever to perform a proper dual intake conversion. With true dual MAF air intake metering and plug-n-play installation this product allows you to upgrade to a dual intake without the need for an ECU re-flash. You could install one in the morning and take it for a cruise that afternoon. Even better, if you have the classic dummy MAF setup and have been considering upgrading to a true dual MAF, the product is DIP switch select-able to work properly with dual pop tuned ECUs.


NEW Features of the 2nd Generation Design!!


Sub-harnesses - A New Wiring Approach

The 2nd gen translator continues to offer digital precision, true dual air intake metering and easy plug and play installation... a combination that has proven to be a popular way to enable the power potential of dual intake paths with any intake hardware choice.
The new unit departs from thru-wall case wiring, instead opting for an ECU style 23 pin harness connection point. This serves a number of purposes. First, the subharness approach produces wiring that is far more robust with enhanced fit and finish. Second, it allows the owner to purchase a standard length unit and later upgrade to an extended subharness or to any future subharness options.


The LED Status Light

The bi-color LED light was added to provide valuable information about the health of your sensors, wiring, and translator unit. In normal operating conditions a green light will display for exactly 3 seconds after power on. This indicates that two sensors are present, providing voltage within their operating range, and the wiring to the control unit is fault free. By default, both the green and the red light indicate that the translator itself is functioning properly. Should it fail to properly operate, no lights will illuminate. Both red fault codes (1&2) then only apply to sensors and harnesses. Once triggered, the red codes will display until the unit is restarted. The lights are informational only and do not alter the calculations within the unit. The graphic below illustrates the lighting patterns for different conditions.


Enhanced Waterproofness

On the original translator, connector boots were chosen per the Bosch standards that spanned through the early 80's to the early 90's. Individual wire seals were not attempted then because of shorter warranties combined with the costs of the precision needed to form finer assemblies. Later on manufacturers adopted the single wire seal approach which provided significantly higher weather resistance and thus longer service lives. Although not authentic to the era in which the Z32 was built, the move to this harness style was the right choice. Many new replacement parts from the dealer are coming this way now and it's a move in the right direction.


Factory Reprogrammability

The removable connector provides a fully encrypted entry point for factory reprogramming units to future firmware versions that can include added functionality or other enhancements. I should emphasize that this is factory reprogramming and updates would require shipping if needed. How this would be handled needs to be worked out in the future but the functionality is there now.

At redline the 300ZX fires 350 cylinders per second. The translator’s ultra fast processor updates the output signal over 1000 times per second to ensure the most accurate and up to date information is available to the ECU at all times. In addition, each unit is individually serialized and tested during manufacture to ensure 1% or better accuracy across the entire operating range. Flow bench testing in the “ADD” configuration shows incredibly accurate metering to over 800CFM! The “AVERAGE” setting in combination with a classic dual pop chip doubles that figure for truly wild setups.

An extended harness option is available for those who need to mount their filters and mass air units beneath the headlights for FMIC installations.