South Bend DXD "Drag" Clutch Kit

South Bend DXD "Drag" Clutch Kit


Stage 3 "Drag"

 SS pressure plate with a 6 puck disk.

This clutch package is built to handle heavily modified cars and designed to function according to the specific needs of the ¼ and 1/8th mile track. The pressure plate for this kit is our SS race cover engineered to disengage with less pedal travel shortening the shift time. Discs are a puck design, which reduces rotational mass and are assembled with all high carbon component pieces for maximum strength. The friction material used is Graphite impregnated Ceramic perfectly suited for drag racing because of its maximum friction co-efficient, rapid heat dissipation and abrupt engagement characteristics. Recommended uses are Drag, Towing and Drifting.

Kits include pressure plate, disc, release bearing, alignment tool and pilot bearing (for most applications)


710TQ Rating