Z1 Motorsports 14'' Akebono Big Brake Kit (300ZX Front & Rear

Z1 Motorsports 14'' Akebono Big Brake Kit (300ZX Front & Rear


Z1 offers this complete brake upgrade package for all Z32 300zx owners looking for an economical, complete big brake kit, in comparison to the much more expensive aftermarket kits already available.  Produced by Akebono Japan by request from Nissan Motors for the '09+ Nissan 370Z and the '08+ G37, the quality and durability of these calipers and hardware are undeniable.


The beauty of the Z1 Motorsports 14" Akebono brake kit, as opposed to much more expensive aftermarket brake kits, lies in the fact that it uses OEM Nissan/Infiniti parts.  This means there will not be the added headache associated with extended wait periods on expensive replacement parts.  Almost all of the parts found in the Z1 Motorsports Akebono Kits can be purchased from any local area Nissan or Infiniti Dealer any where in the country! The rear rotors also fit your current parking brake shoes meaning you do not lose your parking brake!


Z1 Motorsports Akebono Sport Brake Upgrade Package for all Z32 300zx's comes standard with all (4) NEW OEM Akebono Calipers with pins, clips and springs, Drilled & Slotted Rotors, and Centric Posi-Quiet Brake Pads. Each of the standard items are configurable to your needs in addition to the options to add much needed accessories such as lines and fluid.


Choosing the proper pad and rotor configuration relies on your needs. Is your Z/G a daily driver (street only), weekend warrior (street and occasional track use), or race car (track only)? The way this question is answered will determine the necessary pad and rotor configuration.



Silver Infiniti calipers come standard with the Sport Package on Infiniti G37's. Grey Nissan calipers came standard with the Sport package offered on earlier 370Z's. Red Nissan calipers come standard with the Sport Package on newer 370Z's.


OEM Nissan blank rotors have flat smooth surfaces to provide the most quiet consistent brake operation under normal driving conditions. Drilled and Slotted rotors offer a more sporty look and improved cooling over blank rotors. Slotted Only rotors provide better cooling than blank rotors and more consistent heat dissipation than drilled and slotted rotors with more subtle styling.



Centric Posi-Quiet Ceramic brake pads are the recommended choice for most vehicles due to their low dust and good performance. These pads are used for street cars and weekend warriors that choose to swap pads before track days. OEM Nissan brake pads are the same pads they put on the cars from the factory, dusty, long life, non aggressive pads. StopTech Performance brake pads offer similar low dust and low noise characteristics as the Posi-Quiets and offer more linear performance regardless of temperature for a more predictable feel for spirited driving and light track use. Hawk HPS 5.0 brake pads "offer more stopping power and get resistance to brake fade, elevating your street car’s performance". Hawk Performance Ceramic brake pads offer low dust, low noise, and a linear friction profile in a wide heat range. Hawk HP Plus brake pads are ideal for track events. On the street the dust and noise output may not be desirable. Carbotech Performance brake pads are for the track. These aggressive pads, with their predictable friction, initial bite, and heat tolerance, will provide the confidence necessary to complete track events. (XP10 front & XP8 rear included with the option below)

Customize your Akebono Brake kit to fit your budget and driving style by choosing the appropriate selections from the options list below