ZSpeed HD Concentric Replacement Clutch Slave Cylinder CSC

ZSpeed HD Concentric Replacement Clutch Slave Cylinder CSC


ZSpeed Performance Heavy Duty Concentric Slave Cylinder for


Nissan 350Z HR 2007-2009

Nissan 370Z 2009-2017

Infiniti G35 Sedan HR 2007-2008

Infiniti G37 2008-2014 VHR

Inifinti Q60S Coupe 6MT


Replaces the plastic stock Clutch Slave Cylinder (CSC) that are known to fail when using an aftermarket clutch kit.


This is a direct bolt on with no modifications needed to install.

The ZSpeed heavy duty clutch slave cylinder kit features all metal/aluminum construction and includes Stainless clutch lines.


Your stock rubber clutch hose can be reused but we recommend upgrading to our Insulated Flexible Stainless Clutch Hose to prevent boiling of the clutch fluid as it runs right by the drivers exhaust downpipe.


This kit will work with all known Brand Name Single Disk Clutch Kits, Original Equipment, JWT, ACT, Competition, South Bend Clutch, Exedy, Clutch Masters Etc. 


We DO NOT recommend using this with Spec or Ebay Style (XTD, PPC, Grip, XTR, KUPP etc) as these clutches are not set-up/spec'd correctly for the HR/VHR cars and can cause damage to the slave.


To use this with OS Giken Twin Disk Clutches, you will need our OS version Slave cylinder. 


We recommend the use of MOTUL RBF600 BRAKE FLUID with this kit. 1 bottle is normally enough to bleed the system.


We highly recommend the CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER  be replaced along with the HD slave cylinder to prevent problems from worn/dirty original units. No warranty is offered if master cylinder is not replaced.