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The Dewla Dezign 370Z AIR-GUIDE for:


Stillen / Z1/ AAM / ADMIN and More! Long Tube Intake Systems


370Z 2009+ Base/Sport/Touring

370z 2009-2014 Nismo Confirmed

370Z 2015+ Nismo Confirmed


Note: V1 and V2 variants will NOT fit on AUS vehicles without modification to the Air Guide.



The Dewla Dezign Air Guide addresses the issue of air not effectively flowing into the cavity of the front fascia where the air filters reside. After nearly a year of R&D and prototype working, we have developed the variants required to facilitate fitment on all variations of the 370Z.


More details on Dyno results will be compiled over the next few months for a better



We Introduce to You:


The Dewla Dezign 370Z AIR-GUIDE KIT:


  • Simplistic Bolt on Design
  • Ultra Durable Textured Matte Black Powder Coat Finish
  • All Necessary Hardware and Step by Step Instructions
  • Provides Gains on low-mid-high end Torque and HP
  • Made of High Grade Lightweight Aluminum
  • Works with Z1 and CZP vertical 34 row and more oil coolers. (Separate mounting bracket may be necessary for other oil coolers)
  • Works with Aftermarket Radiators
  • Standard 3 Year Warranty
  • CNC Cut and Fabricated for Perfect Fitment


The First 3rd Party Dyno Results are In!


Z1 MOTORSPORTS has made an additional gain of 7whp and 8ft-lb of Torque with our Air-Guide on Stillen G3 Intake kit.


Please consider that this is a part that is heavily dependent upon Air Speed Density/Ambient Temperature. Gains produced will be a reflection of supporting mods and heat index. Therefore dyno results may vary. Z1 utilizes a massive fan that produces wind speeds representative of 75mph and is within reasonable distance/proximity of fascia.


Please provide accurate email to accept Air Guide Instruction Manual PDF.


By purchasing the Dewla Dezign Air- Guide, the buyer agrees to and assumes all responsibility for the following article(s)
This product is intended for off-road use only. Dewla Dezign LLC is not responsible for any damage incurred/sustained/inflicted by installation or use of the Dewla Dezign Air Guide in any way. Dewla Dezign LLC is not responsible for any damage or modification changes that may void the manufacturers warranty: It is the sole responsibility of the buyer of this product to verify with the manufacturer for potential voiding of warranty due to installation of this product. By purchasing this product, the buyer assumes all responsibilities for any damages to the vehicle and vehicles operator(s)/passenger(s). Dewla Dezign LLC is not liable for any mechanical/electrical failures or safety compromises to the vehicle: Buyer assumes all previously stated responsibilities





Dewla Dezign 370Z COLD AIR-GUIDE V2

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