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 We do not believe in off the shelf tuning because we do not believe that all engines are equal. Assuming that all engines needs are identical is a widespread false belief in most enthusiast communities. A VQ37 is a prime example of a wide variance from engine to engine. We are ready to address those needs to your particular powerplant, G35-G37-350Z-370Z. We are starting to branch out into other chassis and platforms with persistent continued education and experimentation. Our goal is to develop a safe, consistent, accurate and efficient tune for your G or Z car that will not only perform well on the dyno but also in a real-world environment. Utilizing high-end audio knock detection in all of our tunings ensures a pro tune everytime.


Tuning services requires a 1 hour inspection prior to dyno time. This ensures that your vehicle is safe and ready to be tuned. If we find that your vehicle is in fact not ready to be tuned, all issues must be addressed before proceeding further. This is a mandatory procedure and cannot be wavered. 



We also offer installation and general repair services on all vehicles. 

• Engine Swaps

• Complete EFI Wiring and Programming

• All General Maintenance

• Mechanical and Electrical Diagnostics


• Performance Upgrades and Sales

Specializing in: Z32-Z33-Z34-MKIV Supra






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