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This Pro Tuning Packing allows you to have your vehicle tuned remotely via the internet or mobile hotspot anywhere in the world.


For the time being, we will only tune Naturally Aspirated setups due to the large variables of mechanical issues that we cannot be present to verify and test.


This Package starts at 925.00


This standard package includes the following:


• (1) UpRev Standard Cable

• (1) UpRev ECU License

• (1) UpRev ARC (Advanced Race Conrtol) License



(For remote tuning, we will only provide tunes for Pump 93 Octane ) Due to the wide variance of Ethanol content from one pump to the next.


We will contact you as soon as your order is completed. Once we confirm your aftermarket parts installed on the vehicle you want to tune, we can then issue you a Tune file.


Once your order is in, we will ship you a standanrd licence UpRev Cable W/ARC .


From there, we will walk you through via remote Team Viewer to upload the Tune file we send you and officially flashing your ECU.


From there, the tuner will walk you through certain standard operating procedures to correctly log your vehicle with a proper data analysis.


From there, you will email the CSV log you just recorded to:


The tuner will go over this log and make any necessary adjustments to a new Tune file, then send it back to the corresponding email.


This will occur several times until the tuner feels comfortable with the data analysis.



UpRev Remote Tuning Service 350Z/G35 370Z/G37

$925.00 Regular Price
$832.50Sale Price
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