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Now In Stock and Ready to Ship! 12/03/2021




Dewla Dezign MKIV Supra Splash Shield:


This part was designed for the MKIV Supra enthusiast that wants to keep their engine bay clean and safe from road debris. This will be the 2nd piece of a modular system currently in development. The full kit will  include additive portions to cover the front fascia bottom and meet with the bottom of the front wheel well liners, as well as two modular flares to tie everything together in-stock fashion. All of these options will be available in either a full kit or in single pieces for you to choose to purchase and add- one at a time.


This modular system will replace the typically collapsed or torn off flimsy OEM under shields. It will also add much-needed rigidity to the front fascia, keeping your front fascia in correct form and relieving stress from the fenders. It will also stabilize your fascia from air turbulence at higher speeds.


Our main goal was to provide a high quality piece for the Supra community, without the "Supra Tax" Incorporated. Fitment is intended not only for stock vehicles but for the heavily modified as well.


As lifelong car enthusiasts ourselves, we feel that functionality should always be equal to aesthetics. Compromises don't exist here.


This is the FRONT FASCIA shield portion of the modular design as pictured here.


This is a pre-order for the 2nd half of the shield (Pictured in Gradient Aluminum Above)

For a pre-order of the full kit please click HERE.


• CNC Laser Cut

• 5000 series .065 Aluminum

• CNC Bent and Fabricated

• Lightweight / Aerodynamic Design

• Several Louver Placements for Air Pressure Balance

• Slight Adjustability for Perfect Fitment (Front to Back) (Left to Right)

• Will be Fitted for 6" 5 Row Intercooler Cores

• Modular Design for Ease of Access to Service Areas of Vehicle

• Will be Fitted for Aftermarket Oil Coolers

• Custom Made Fitted Boxes for Shipping

• All New Hardware Included

• One set of Grey Metallic Dewla Dezign Decals

Now Standard Matte Black Texture Powder Coating (Premium Uprgrade)

• Complete Installation Instruction Manual Provided via PDF

• 100% American Made


Note: Will not fit with TRD widebody front fascia.

Note: Will not fit with Ridox front lip and undershield combo

Note: Will not fit with ACTIVE AERO

If you have any questions pertaining to this product, please email or call at any time.


Note: This part is lower than the stock under shield, and is level perfectly to RMM front lip or similar variants.


If you have a front lip and ride height that it is scraping, there is a good chance that this part may scrape as well- due to ride height. Ride height may need to be slightly adjusted for heavily lowered vehicles.


If your AC lines are not properly ran, they may interfere with this part. We provided as much clearance as possible.


The wings that connect to the fender liners may only be run with the fender liners attached to the car. DO NOT install the wings without the factory liners attached to our kit. You can however run the front middle portion (Under Intercooler to Fascia) without the wings.


This kit easily fits our 5 row ETS intercooler and piping, but the wings will only fit if the IC piping is designed in a proper fashion (Not hanging excessively low). 6 Row can fit will spacing the front middle panel. 


If you do not already have Toyota Part# 76859-14010 Please add our replica+ version to your cart. You will need this for installation. It is discontinued from Toyota. 


Details for DDP 76859-14010 REPLICA+ 

This part features a few upgrades over the OEM variant to help with modern styling and supported aftermarket styling. 


Nearly 3 times the thickness as the OE thin and frail aluminum variant; Thus adding much needed rigidity. (No longer available from Toyota) (Often bent up and out of shape from scraping) 


Pressed in 6mm x 1.0 insert studs added 4mm in length over the OEM variant to support aftermarket front lips and the DDP Splash Shields. Also meaning that you do not haveto drop bolts through the top to while trying to support the lip or splash shield. 


Dewla Dezign MKIV Supra Splash Shield (FRONT)

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