ZSpeed HD Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade "V2"

ZSpeed HD Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade "V2"


The OEM 350Z master cylinder is known to fail over time and cause poor clutch release or cause the pedal to drop half way to the floor or stick to the floor completely.


•The ZSpeed Wilwood Updated kit is stronger, better and longer lasting!

•Improved Piston Design makes this kit more durable, allows for more accurate pedal feel and makes            bleeding a snap!


•Fits ALL 2007-2009 Nissan 350Z


  • Upgrade your 350Z master cylinder with our upgraded Heavy Duty V2 Wilwood master cylinder kit.
  • This will cure the pedal drop issue these cars are know for esp when upgrading to a aftermarket clutch and also makes the system much easier to bleed due to its higher quality design. 
  • Comes complete with PVC Coated braided stainless steel hose assy.
  • Only mod needed to install is to trim the stock reservoir fluid hose.
  • 350z models can use either size of this master 5/8 or .700"  
  • 03-06  DE 350Z models standard size is 5/8" , Using the .700=11/16" will make the clutch pedal firmer and have a higher release point,
  • 07-08 HR 350Z models standard size is .700=11/16" Using the 5/8" master will lower engagement point and lighten pedal feel (also good for smooting out overly aggressive clutches. 
  • Professional installation recommended, Proper clutch pedal/master cylinder rod adjutsment is required after installation.