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Monthly Power Pull Group Sessions for 100.00 D

  • 30 minutes
  • 100 US dollars

Service Description

"Benny Night" at DEWLA DEZIGN PERFORMANCE & TUNING You will need to pick your time slot accordingly: FRIDAY NIGHT 04/23/2021 (Book 04/23 on the calendar between 4:00 pm and 2:00 am Once a month, we will hold a weekend night special for our customers. One hundred dollars for 3 pulls on our Mustang Chassis Dyno! • Up to 1200whp and 165mph • All cars must be ready for the Dyno upon arrival • You are required to sign a waiver upon arrival • All deposits are paid in full upon scheduling checkout. Half of your deposit will not be refunded if you cancel on the same day as the event. • Please check your tire pressure before arrival • Front-wheel drive cars must remove their splash shield prior to arrival. This will expedite our strap-down process considerably and keep others from waiting. • Please check your tire tread depth. If it is not safe to run on the street, it is NOT safe to run on the Dyno • Automatic cars without a lockout or "his and her's" shift option, may not achieve a full RPM pull, but will receive enough info to receive a number. Being forced to start at a higher load level/mph may limit some data analysis. • You will receive a Torque and HP number with AFR analysis if applicable • You may adjust preset maps and or boost controllers between pulls, but no live tuning will be active • DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OR BEHIND THE DYNO! PERIOD! • If you plan to stay and watch other vehicles tested throughout the night, please bring your own chair(s) • Everyone is welcome to watch, but there will be ZERO tolerance for safety issues in our shop. You will only be addressed ONE TIME. • There will be ZERO tolerance for negative behavior towards other people or their project cars in our shop. This is a team effort shop and arrogance is not welcome here. We all have a common desire, and that is what we are here for. Please keep that in mind. • Please keep away from the technician's toolboxes. There's no reason for you to be within 5-foot proximity. • If your car ends up not being ready to run for a matter that is not due to negligence, we do not add insult to injury, we will simply roll your car off of the Dyno and move on to the next and you will be refunded. • No Diesel Vehicles (for now) • Do not park in any other neighboring businesses. You can park in our shop lot and on Marybill Dr. • Several trash receptacles will be placed inside and outside the dyno cell. Please do not throw trash on the ground!

Contact Details

  • 8123 Uehling, Huber Heights, OH, USA

    + 1-888-284-6583

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